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2019年 12月
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Our History
Sales Trend since Establishment
*From the fiscal year ended December 31, 2006 to the fiscal year ended December 31, 2009, we have not received audits by KPMG AZSA LLC.
Lessons from the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers
Establishment Period 2006-2007
We designed a unique mechanism for apartment sales by focusing on SEO measurement as a tool to attract customers.
With the aspiration to change the real estate industry by integrating the Internet in the business, we founded investors cloud co., ltd. in 2006. At the beginning, we worked to attract customers through the website in which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was thoroughly implemented, and created a unique IT framework that enables us to sell apartments efficiently. We promoted a new concept that had never been seen before in the real estate industry, that is, the provision of one-of-a-kind designer apartments, with a theme of creating “fine and stylish space all over the world.” The number of owners continued to grow during the period of 2006 to 2007, along with net sales.
Revolutionary period 2008-2010
We saw the light in the greatest crisis caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers and construct one-stage distribution model and inventory-free management style.
Affected by the worldwide financial crisis triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurred on September 15, 2008, the Company experienced a sustained fall of demand while the amount of debt remained high. However, we never gave in. We completely reconfigured our distribution system from what was typical in the real estate industry, where inventory was considered as an asset, to one-stage distribution model in which owners directly purchase land through a developer procurement route and save money. Meanwhile, we have developed an apartment management platform that enables construction of apartments through land matching, as well as the online apartment management. In addition, we have constructed a company-wide management system using IT for the aim of streamlining the business operation.​ ​
As a result, we were able to construct an inventory-free business model after three years of efforts, turning the greatest crisis caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers into the landmark of the Company.
Growth Period 2011-2017
Stock listing on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and strengthening of IT systems for promoting Real Estate Tech
In 2011, we achieved debt-free management. From the business model with inventory which was in line with the conventional real estate industry, we completely transformed into a business model with no inventory. Newly listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Emerging Market in December of 2015. Furthermore, in December 2016 of the following year, our stocks were switched to the first section on Tokyo Stock Exchange. In recent years, the real estate technology "Real Estate Tech” is gaining attention for its ability to fundamentally change the mechanism of the real estate industry. At our company, we are working to improve the business flow of the real estate industry. In order to provide customers with more efficient services, we promote Real Estate Tech and create new services which can solve numerous problems faced in the real estate industry today. In order to further grow as a Real Estate Tech company, we doubled the number of IT engineers since the IPO in 2015 in order to strengthen our IT system.
We changed our company name to "TATERU"
On April 1, 2018, we changed our company name to "TATERU, Inc."
By choosing TATERU, the name of our main business, for our company name, we have boosted our presence and branding in the industry and accelerated the development of IT-driven services with a goal to evolve into a leading next-generation real estate tech company.
To strengthen corporate governance, we reorganized our internal structures and systems by reviewing business flows and improving the structures, establishing and running a compliance team, and enriching an internal reporting system.
We are transforming into a new business model
With the new corporate philosophy "value into life" we create value in life with technology and through diverse services.
Based on our three-year mid-term business plan "NEXT TATERU VISION," we will build a solid business foundation by managing more properties and driving transformation into a next business model with our knowhow on apartment and accommodation business.
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