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Chihiro Shimizu
Japan University Sports Science Professor. Research Affiliate, Research Center for Real Estate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After discontinuing Doctor of Philosophy at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, he obtained Doctor of Philosophy at Tokyo University (Environmental Studies). After working as a researcher at the Japan Real Estate Research Institute, he obtained the second specialist position at Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2000. In connection with the new business development, he established a Recruitment Housing Research Institute (current Sumida Research Institute).

His career includes working as a part-time lecturer at Waseda University Graduate School of Finance, Visiting Associate Professor at Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo, Professor of Reitaku University Faculty of Economics, Visiting Professor at the University of British Columbia, Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong College of Construction and Real Estate, and Professor at the National University of Singapore.

His specialties are index theory, big data analysis, and real estate economics.
Authored such books as "Introduction to Statistics for Market Analysis” by Asakura Publishing (2016), "Econometric Analysis of Real Estate Market" by Asakura Publishing (co-author Koji Karato (2007)), "Real Estate Market Analysis' Jutaku-Shimpo-Sha Inc (2014), and many more. Including over 30 papers selected by international journals and 57 English papers, the total number of published papers exceeds 170. He is a holder of a total of six academic awards from the Japan Association for Planning Administration, the Japan Association for Japan Real Estate Sciences, and the Japan Association for Property Assessment Policy for his domestically published papers and books.

He became our technical advisor in April of 2018.
Shumpei Shiraishi
Tech Feed Co., Ltd. President and CEO. In December 2015, his company released their technology information curation tech-feed service with their catch-phrase, “The cutting-edge is right here”.

Editor-in-chief of the information media "HTML5” targeted for web engineers
Founder of Japan’s largest HTML5 developer community “html5j” (over 6,500 members).
He is a Google-Certified developer expert (HTML5), and received the credential of Microsoft Most Valuable Profession (IE).

His books include “Introduction to HTML5 and API” (2010, Nikkei BP), “Google Gears Start Guide” (2007, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.), etc. Translation "jQuery Mobile" (2013, O'Reilly), etc.

He became our technical advisor in 2016.
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