TATERU Ventures
Accelerate Real Estate Tech,
Change real estate industry with the power of IT
Investment idea
In order to expand the possibilities of Real Estate Tech, we invest in companies that can co-create with our group,
We aim to improve corporate value and create new business.
Business development
We invest in companies that can generate synergy with our group and extend management support aggressively.
We accelerate the growth of the company's business and keep exploring the next innovation.


Search Platform

Smart hotel

Real Estate Investment


Price Estimation System

Brokerage/Management Business Support

AI/Big Data

List of Participating Companies
Companies that implemented IPO
Global Link Management Co., Ltd. GA technologies Inc. Uhuru Corporation Mansion Market Co., Ltd. Secual Corporation Digisurf Corporation TRASTA Corporation Atsumaru Corporation Ietty Inc. Property Access JAPAN CORPORATION

Note: Posted with permission from those companies above.

We extend support to start-ups in the seed or early phase. We help them not only grow but explore the potential of collaboration or initiatives for new business domains as well.